Spice up your celebrations with the majestic blended voices of the youth from Gawad Kalinga Tatalon community, with the added treat of the unique music of the angklung bamboo instruments.

A choir called the GK Tatalon Performing Arts (TAPA) Choir was formed in 2007 when street children and delinquent youth came under the tutelage of a passionate musical director who dedicated his time to develop their musical talents, with the support of generous partners.  They have since won accolades in both local and international performances, including nomination as “Best Chorale Group” in 2015 by the Aliw Awards.

GKONOMICS and Mabuhay Restop have now taken on the continued training and management of the remaining choir members, as part of the goal to promote cultural heroism and share the beautiful story of hope.  The new choir is now known as the Mabuhay Choir.