MR Bohol Artisan Tour

BOHOL: Story of the Boholano Cacao Farmer

Get to know Bohol’s chocolate artistry and see the beauty of Bohol’s countryside through our Bohol Artisan Tour!

Visit a cacao farm and learn about the cacao-to-chocolate making process straight from Boholano cacao farmers and local chocolate maker Dalareich. Experience cacao fruit picking and tasting, as well as cacao tree rehabilitation where you can put your name on your very own cacao tree! Afterwards, meet Bohol’s Raffia weavers and Antequera basket makers who will demonstrate how they do their unique crafts and will also let you try doing it on your own.

After visiting Bohol’s artisan communities, see Bohol’s countryside attractions such as Baclayon Church, Bamboo Hanging Bridge, Manmade Mahogany Forest, Tarsier Conservation Area, and the famous Chocolate Hills.

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